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    Amongst all things that 2020 took away from us, one was the sheer delightful way in which Delhi gets drenched with weddings every year. Times are unprecedented, we know that. We also know that perhaps talking about weddings might seem a bit shallow but here’s the point.

    Look at these beautiful photographs. Are weddings really an affair of just one night? An affair of extravagance on ardent display? Probably not.

    For the families uniting, it’s of course the biggest event of their lives but for the ones attending. Those who are close friends are emotional, are giddy with excitement are looking for their biggest event of the year. A friend is about to start a new chapter in his or her life and you are a part of that life. How can that wedding not be the most coveted event of the year?

    To those who are only going because they are invited. Well, it’s an escape from the rat race. Another reason to walk out of the office early. An occasion to dress up, eat well and get clicked…and clicked…and clicked.

    It runs a lot of homes too. The stewards who come to you with platters full of greasy delectable snacks. The ones you can’t have enough of even though you know they won’t be easy on that stomach of yours. The phool-wala who makes every corner look like a fairy tale. The caterer, the DJ, the jewellery guy, the lehenga guy, the sherwani guy, the parking boy, and the guy who makes the dance floor so that overemphatic mama-ji can get drunk and show his rhythmless moves. The pandemic took away all that and more.

    I, however, tried to keep the spirits up and the emotions thriving. Without risking anything, and by keeping the gathering as low as just four or five people, I thought of adding a little hope to people who were completely disheartened. When some friends of friends reached out to me, I took them aboard. Planned their pre-wedding shoots at isolated places and gave them what they thought they definitely are going to miss.

    There is another big reason though. A reason, far stingier than the ones above. I am a photographer. Been that for over a decade. My wife and I work together, and she is as passionate about the craft just as much as I am. She too is a photographer, blogger. Basically, all things camera. Irony tossed, turned and probably grew up like a monster in our case because out of all the people in the world, we don’t have a SINGLE proper photograph of our wedding. The key moments haven’t been captured at all and the ones captured aren’t even qualified to be on social media.

    I take it personally and can’t be blamed for it either, isn’t it?

    It’s 2021. You can reach out to me if you want someone to passionately give you, what you desire so passionately yourself – great pictures of the most important day of your life. Your wedding!

    Arka Mukherjee | Photographer

    Am Studios

    416/2, M.G Road, Pillar 127, Ghitorni,New Delhi – 110030 No: 8800654466




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