Anticipation filled the air as the B-school community eagerly awaited the pinnacle sporting event, Chakravyuh 2024. The 27th edition proved to be a thrilling 72-hour spectacle, igniting excitement among the teams competing for the coveted trophy. The atmosphere buzzed with energy, setting the stage for an unparalleled showcase of talent and competitive spirit. Often dubbed the Olympics of B-Schools, Chakravyuh aimed to captivate both participants and spectators alike in a relentless pursuit of glory and triumph.

Organized annually by IMT Ghaziabad’s Sports Committee, Chakravyuh drew participation from esteemed B-schools such as IIM Sirmaur, IIFT Delhi, IMI, FMS, Great Lakes, and MDI. Notably, even alumni from IMT Ghaziabad, represented by Team Legends, actively participated, showcasing their skills across various sports. What distinguished Chakravyuh was its captivating charm, leaving both participants and spectators enthralled. From basketball to badminton, cricket to football, table tennis to tennis, and throwball to volleyball, the festival offered a diverse array of sports and activities, featuring renowned celebrities and ensuring engagement throughout the sporting extravaganza.

This year’s theme, ‘Ascend Within,’ encouraged participants and spectators to navigate life’s challenges with determination, embracing the journey of self-growth by balancing their inner chakras to unlock their true potential.

The Sports Committee’s efforts resulted in an impressive feat, securing collaborations with 75 sponsors, including industry giants like Societe Generale, PS5, ITC, Parle Agro, Dabur, Stag, Cosco, Decathlon, Wildcraft, Britannia, Noise, Shiv Naresh, Dukes, Plum, and Gatorade. Media partners such as Hindustan Times, Red FM 93.5, Dainik Bhaskar, ANI, and The Patriot ensured extensive coverage, amplifying the event’s reach. The diverse range of sponsors, spanning from sports equipment to wellness products, capitalized on the opportunity to directly connect with consumers, enhance product visibility, and leverage the event’s dynamic ambiance for maximum impact. Notably, PS5 hosted an exhilarating gaming tournament, while Pulse contributed to the interactive marketing landscape with its innovative stall, enriching attendee engagement and brand exposure.

Chakravyuh’s success transcended mere athletic competition, serving as a testament to the profound camaraderie and mutual respect fostered off the field. The event not only featured spirited contests but also exemplified core values of sportsmanship and healthy competition. From Team Legends’ triumph in basketball to Team Alums 23’s victory in the men’s division, each win underscored participants’ unwavering dedication. Cricket witnessed a glorious victory for Team Legends, while football celebrated the prowess of the same team. Similarly, in lawn tennis and table tennis, Team Legends and Team Great Lakes respectively dominated the courts, showcasing unmatched excellence. The conquest of Throwball by Team Legends echoed a sense of unity among participants, while Team BIMTECH’s triumph in volleyball further reinforced the event’s spirited atmosphere. The passing of the trophy from Legends to Aluminati, culminating in Yoddhas’ victory and IMI’s runner-up position, symbolized the unifying force of sports within the IMT community.


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