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    These guys can now prepare you in advance during school for your dream university!

    It is no exaggeration to say that the choice of admission counselor significantly impacts your chances of studying abroad. Whether you want to apply for undergraduate or graduate admission, your admission counselor has a major role to play in the success of your application. 

    Given the high stakes, why choose Collegify for admissions? There are a number of reasons.

    1.   Unbroken track record of success aka Results – In 2018-19 alone, Collegify students have been admitted to elite institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Berkeley College, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, Wellesley College, New York University, Duke University, Georgia Tech, National University of Singapore and Imperial College, London, etc. These are a small sample of the dream colleges and universities of several hundreds of Collegify students. Collegify graduates received over $50 million in scholarships in 2018-19 alone.  

    2.  Experienced counselors– Collegify’s expert counselors are committed to helping students. Their commitment and enthusiasm are the wind beneath students’ wings, providing guidance, support and persuasion to secure admission at a college of their choice. They are rooting for you, and they are always available to you. 

    3.  Ownership of the application process – Yes, it is a form, and can be filled in a couple of days. But our diligent process undertaken over several weeks is one reason why every single Collegify student has secured admission to a college of their choice. That is approximately 5,000 students successfully admitted to institutions and programs of their choice over eight years. Each application paints a portrait of you, the student, presenting your achievements and personality in your voice. 

    4.   Resume building – Resumes can be tricky, and often, what you leave out is as important as what you include. Our counselors use their expertise and experience to help you craft an effective resume that leads directly to the open doors of the educational institution of your choice.  

    5. Relevant projects – Paucity of time and lack of focus often leave a gap between your interests and abilities on the one hand, and the ability to harness them fruitfully on the other. Collegify identifies marquee projects in which you can mobilize your passion and skills to achieve measurable results. Many of our students have succeeded on the basis of the notable projects they have completed under our guidance. This is particularly true of students applying for graduate admissions. What usually holds them back is lack of real-world work experience. Collegify offers them real-time opportunities to acquire the hands-on experience they need, not only to secure admission, but also to get the most from their program of study.  

    6.   Community service initiatives – Collegify is involved in a number of geographically dispersed community service initiatives which have had a meaningful impact on the communities served. For students who have not already been part of such programs, and who are not particularly driven towards a specific community service goal of their own, these initiatives are a striking way to experience the contentment and satisfaction of giving back to the community.  

    7.    Relationships with foreign universities – Collegify has earned its reputation as a reliable, truth-telling service provider whose students perform at and contribute to their colleges. This is clear from the strong relationships we have forged with admissions counselors, directors and deans of foreign universities. They share their knowledge of the process with us, helping us gain insight into the dynamic sands of international college admissions, and helping our students study at their dream college.  

    8.    Responsible and trust-worthy – We believe our students have entrusted us with the task of securing them admission. But we do not restrict ourselves to this goal. We groom you from the beginning to instill in you the mindset of responsibility and professionalism you will need to succeed in your studies and your work

    Perhaps the greatest endorsement is that the alumni and families of Collegify graduates continue to walk with us in our journey years after our services to them have ceased. Could there be a greater endorsement of who we are and what we do? 

    It’s time you were Collegify’d!


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