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    Top 10 Rare facts You Didn’t Know About Delhi

    Delhi is Dilli for some, New Delhi for others. But only a handful of people familiar with Delhi are aware of the differences and the mix bag of things it offers while you make yourself comfortable.

    Here is a quick run down of lesser known facts about Delhi and things related to it:

    Delhi and New Delhi are different things.

    Technically speaking, New Delhi is the capital of India, which is a city within the state of Delhi and National Capital Territory of Delhi.

    Qutb Minar is the tallest brick monument.

    You can ask which monument is the tallest all you want, but you must know that when it comes to brick structures, Delhi’s own Qutb Minar is the tallest in the world.

    Lotus Temple is the only one.

    Delhi houses a very unique monument called Lotus Temple for obvious reasons. One of the unique things about this temple, also known as Bahai temple, is that it is the only structure of Bahai faith in the entire Asia.

    Khari Baoli makes Delhi the spiciest.

    Khari Baoli market in Delhi is the largest wholesale market of spices in all of Asia.

    Toilets have a museum here.

    Delhi is a home to the International Museum of Toilets that houses a rare collection of photos, objects and various documentations citing the evolution of toilets throughout history dating back 2500 B.C. till today.

    Birds have a home here too.

    Apart from hub to multiple faiths, Delhi is the second most bird-rich capital of a country in the world following Nairobi.

    Delhi Metro is Voted 2nd best.

    A survey conducted by global Metro benchmarking groups NOVA and CoMET in 2014 recorded Delhi as the 2nd best metro systems in the world.

    Public Transport is completely petrol-free.

    From blue line buses to rickshaw, the public transport system is either running CNG i.e. Compressed Natural Gas or rechargeable batteries.

    It is apparently the greenest city in the world.

    With 20% of the land mass still a forest and excessive pollution, Delhi still remains one of the greenest cities in the world.

    Delhi has the 2nd oldest stadium of the country.

    After Eden Garden in Kolkata, Feroze Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi is the second oldest stadium of India.

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