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    Delhi vs Mumbai

    Can you compare Ragda Patties with Chole Bhature? It seems impossible, right? You can feel the same confusion while comparing Delhi and Mumbai. If Delhi has its ‘Lassi Da Gilas’, Mumbai has ‘Cutting Chaye’, when Delhiites gobble the Alu Tikki, Mumbaikars indulge in Vada Pao. Just like there is no comparison between “Dilli ki Sardi” and “Mumbai ka Barish”, both have their distinct beauty. It is like an unsolved puzzle that is going on for years.

    The people belonging to these two cities must have some brownie points for their respective places. But for the rest of India, it is utterly confusing. So, here we will throw some light and head towards some resolution about the grand finale of the Indian Premier League of Cities.

    So, here is our take to find out whether Delhi is ‘Fadu’ or Mumbai is more “jhakkas’.


    It is truly the ‘Dil of Hindustan’! Delhi is the beautiful capital of this wonderful country. It has embraced the history of India from the ancient age. The magnificent architects of the Mughal era and the high rise buildings of modern era co-exist to represent the glorious past and present of the country.

    There are so many places in Delhi that make you realize how majestic India truly is. You will be charmed by the spirit of Old Delhi while walking through the lanes of Chandni Chowk, where the vintage essence of Delhi has been carefully preserved.

    The street food of Delhi has huge fan base. Whether it is Daulat ka Chat or Dolma Aunty’s momo; you will never stop craving for those lip-smacking snacks. No weekend for Delhiwalas is complete without butter chicken, soya chap or swarma roll.

    The great transportation system helps people save precious time in their daily life. The academic system is so good here that people rarely go outside the city for higher and better education. Although there are so many shopping malls in Delhi, the fun of flea market shopping is unbeatable here.

    In a nutshell, we can say that Delhi is the ideal place for people to settle as it has the perfect mixture of culture, heritage, people, travel, people and food.


    It is the City of Dreams and a city that never sleeps. The glitz and glamour of Mumbai is always an added attraction for the city. These things might sound cliché but these are the apt descriptions for this great city.

    The Arabian Sea always holds a special place for Mumbaikars. Whether the luxurious sea-facing bungalows or the largest slum of Dharavi; Mumbai has a place for everyone in its heart.

    The nightlife of Mumbai is awesome as cheerful people will welcome you with open arms. You can find yourself stuck in jam even at 2 in the night!

    The local trains serve as the lifeline of the city as millions of people travel every day to fulfill their professional and academic aspirations. No matter what the time it is, you will manage to get an auto to have the cheapest ride to your destination.

    The grandeur of Ganpati festival, the rains on Marine Drive, the cutting chai with maska bun make this city the magical destination of ambitious souls.

    So, what is your take?

    After all these discussions, it seems impossible to reach a conclusion over this eternal conflict. Both these cities have their own highlights and they are beautiful in their own ways. While the Dilwalon ki Dilli has a better housing system, the nightlife is safer and secure in Magical Mumbai. On the other hand, when the people of the capital deal with pollution, traffic chokes the life of the dream city. Both the cities have their own charms that are beyond any comparison.  So, we have to go back to the place where we initiated as we still can’t decide which is better – Ragda patties or chole bhature!

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