Looking for entertainment alternatives? Here are 4 must-watch Delhi livestreamers


Netflix and chill, Amazon Prime and thrill, Hotstar and stuff, and all are cool, but have you discovered one of most recent sources of entertainment that boomed during lockdown? No? Then let us introduce you to a relatively fresh, non-linear source of entertainment called livestreams that have been doing surprisingly well in terms of serving the internet surfers with unique communities and layered entertainment along with a showcase of extraordinary gaming and performing art skills.

Livestreaming as an entertainment source is still relatively fresh globally right now. However, it is taking over India by storm. In an ocean of livestreams, a lot of streamers are from India, playing their favorite games and doing what they love in front of a live audience. A big chunk of these Indian streamers is formed by our very Delhi folks, who have added dil waale flavors to their live content. If you haven’t already, make sure you drop a follow and/or subscribe to the channels of the streamers we are listing out below:


Rishab Karanwal a.k.a. RakaZone

One of the biggest streamers in and from India with a wide variety of entertaining live content that ranges from competitive gaming in the newest Call of Duty title called Warzone to one of the most beloved open world games in the history of open world games called Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V. He is currently sitting on the throne of 350k+ subscribers on YouTube as he grinds the new battle royale game from the Call of Duty franchise.


Abhishek Sharma a.k.a. Mackle

One of the most respected livestreamers from the heart of Delhi for PUBG Mobile community games and play style, Abhishek is also one of the streamers from India who has been playing video games from the age of 12. Translating that love of video games into entertaining people, he currently is also grinding Call of Duty: Warzone with his squad.


Eeshant Singh a.k.a. Biwi Bhai a.k.a Ramlal ki Biwi

Indispensably one of the funniest streamers and content creators Delhi has to offer with clean & quirky humor at the heart of his gameplay. Eeshant can be noticed playing his role of being Ramlal ki Biwi in all the games with his other teammates from the Ramlal clan taking up various roles.

Watch live: Twitch/biwibhai

Aditya Jain a.k.a. Shadow

Fortnite players are rare in Delhi as compared to PUBG. Even smaller is the headcount of people who are good at the game. But we have one here, who can easily qualify as one of the most mechanically skilled players in north India, known as Shadow, a 16-year-old Fortnite player who is grinding daily on his livestreams while also competing in the global Fortnite Champion Series tournaments for India in Asian regionals.

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