Miss Chatisgarh Rising! Read About The Glory Award Winner…


Meet Jeevita Gowd. She is from chattisgarh Raipur and is Persuing bachelor’s of business administration.

Jeevita is an author by profession and model by passion. She started her carrier as a model, she is a 1st runner up of miss vizag and miss Bharat of chattisgarh winner and miss Republic of chattisgarh winner and miss Republic of India second runner. She is the author of the books such as –

  1. success mindsets 
  2. The book of quotes 
  3. Love story of Alice and danid
  4. The way to success by accepting pain and reality within a short span of 4 months she did 6 books.

She did 2 anthologies And she was the co – author of 3 books. Her achievements as an author – she was awarded by glory award of India as an author. She met with a severe accident 2 years ago after struggling from her life she set up an inspiration to young generation. She is 21 years old and holds her place on google and her books are available on ibooks to Amazon. She is popularly known for her quotes and books!

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